Guiding women to share their stories and live unapologetically inspired by joy and passion......

Shannon Kelly 

Creator and Editor of Vintage Gypsy


You are a Warrior, a Goddess,  A Mother and a Healer.

You are a Woman and you have a story to tell. 

Your story is as beautiful as the words that will tell it, 

the heart that keeps it hidden, and the 

eyes it hides behind. 

Only you can choose the words. You are brave and courageous. 

Writing your story is a step into reclaiming your sacred feminine power.

Shake the dust from your soul, and embrace your courage.

It's time to pick up your pen!!!

 I invite you my sweet gypsy sister to join me on a journey of

writing, self-discovery, healing, and redemption

Let me guide and support you as you adventure into self.




Every woman has a story, whether you are an entrepreneur, a mother, a sister, a healer, or a professional, you have beauty, power and truth inside of you that can illuminate the world. Every woman’s story has meaning, and wisdom. Every woman's gifts a blessing. Every woman’s unique perspective a contribution to the world that we can all learn, grow and heal from.⠀⠀


The world needs your story........

Shannon Kelly is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She is a rebel child and a gypsy spirit. She believes in trusting the journey and that our strength as women comes from the bonds of friendship we nurture and the kindred sisterhood we share.

Sharing our stories empowers us all to live a more inspired life, and by doing so, we create positive change within our communities.

We can change the world, One story at a time.

Life is an ever evolving  story, it ebbs and flows with the tides. Good times......Bad times... and sometimes we just feel like we are drowning. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we dance but each moment is meant to be savored and even the darkness can be celebrated for with it always comes a little light or at least a lesson.


I had always kept a journal as a child, it was filled with stories of grand adventures and handsome princes. Like every other little girl, I dreamed of how perfect my life was going to be. But that's not exactly how things turned out. I have spent most of my time in this life wandering aimlessly trying to fit in somewhere or with someone, a gypsy one might say. A rebel child with a wild spirit. Failed relationships, lack of true connection, addiction, childhood trauma, and the grand adventure that has been my own children. I have learned through writing that I can let the past go and embrace the days to come. I can move through and heal the parts of my heart that I've always felt were broken and tarnished. I have found my true voice and find strength in sharing it with the world. I have found healing in my pen....


My story is not that different from many others, but perhaps my ending will be....

Still Not sure? 

Let's jump on a call together so I can answer your questions and we can figure it out together. 

Maybe you just want to get to know me a little better to see if we are a good fit. Maybe you want me to get to know you a little better 

Let's Make it happen 


Traveling Gypsy

Shannon Kelly offers a beautiful journey of self discovery with Gypsy Writers.  I initially felt nervous about taking this course because I did not feel confident in my ability to write creatively.  I am so glad I made the decision to join.  Gypsy Writers helped me to grow both mentally and spiritually, and I discovered I can write! It felt so good to learn the healing process of writing.  Shannon offers enormous support and guidance, both for the group and one on one. She provides a warm and loving environment in which all members feel comfortable and supportive of each other.  Thank you Shannon for creating this opportunity to have such an amazing journey.

Heather Irene

Radiant Living Coach

What I loved the most is that You don’t have to be a great writer to enjoy this process, but I sure started to like the feeling of pen to paper within the first few days and looked forward to each poetically prompt. Learning about different writing styles and methods, weaved beautifully between very thought-provoking questions kept me inspired, interested and requested inner contemplation, realization and growth. Spurring awareness, healing and expression with confidence and joy. Shannon’s ability to provide a sacred container for your exploration, truths and your unique self-expression further deepened my confidence in the process. I felt a powerful shift from playing small and feeling unheard to sincerely appreciating my own voice and my new-found ability to express it, which was a pretty neat outcome, since I thought I was just working on my writing skills! The value of this program far outweighs the investment and is so easy to follow. Shannon provides no fail support and will guide you lovingly and expertly through this incredible program. Feel completely supported and worthy of this Divine opportunity to become aware of your wild and walk away with your roadmap to peace. I felt a huge sense of calm and accomplishment after completion and encourage you all to take a delicate look at what feeds your soul. I can't wait for the next one, Sweet Shannon!




If a writing course could be a dessert this one would be decadent! Write Your Way Home hit me in a spot I didn’t know was there or needed attention, until I heard it’s call as I read about the course. Over 6 weeks it took me deeper into layers of myself that I had not been through before. I have discovered more of myself and I love what I have found! Shannon somehow weaves with words a magical guided journey mixed with open ended exploration that allows you to enter from a place you feel resonates with you.  She so vulnerably shares her own journey in a way that creates a soft and safe landing for others to be seen and heard. She draws out the silenced desire to give our stories a voice to be heard by others and most importantly ourselves, reminding us that we matter - our stories do matter. And to let them be seen. I am looking forward to continuing on with the second part of this journey with her!





I really enjoyed the write your way home writing course. It let me open many doors in my writing and in my personal healing. The daily prompts kept me on track, and held my attention as the class progressed. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to enhance their writing abilities. Thank you so much vintage gypsy for the opportunity.


Energy Design Interiors

I wanted to write – differently, with a guide who could sense something deeper within me and speak to that part of me. Shannon was the perfect pairing to my Ask.
Shannon’s loving nature is so supportive and was very helpful in learning to express myself more. Shannon’s prompts are not surface and she was able to take me into deeper waters of awareness, discovering more about who I am.
Shannon’s door opening skills to the Akashic Records brought to light some key aspects to see, embrace and transform helping me along my journey.
If doing any of these things pulls at you, don’t hesitate, for Shannon holds some keys you will want to use to open doors you may have had closed for a very long time.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guiding light.


School Teacher

have just completed the inaugural Gypsy Writer’s Course “Writing Your Way Home” and I can’t say enough about how the course has changed my life.  I often said “someday I will write something that others will want to read” but I never actually put pen to paper.  This course and Shannon’s support has been the much needed catalyst for me to develop a daily writing practice that is bringing me healing, an awareness of my creativity and a new level of confidence to tackle my dreams. 5 things I am grateful for:

  1. Writing Your Way Home – flexible, organic, individualistic.

  2. Daily writing prompts delivered bright and early every day for the Power Hour.

  3. Daily readings that supported a deeper exploration of my soul, mind and heart.

  4. Six weekly one on one meetings scheduled at my convenience for that extra support and encouragement.

  5. Shannon’s professional insight and wisdom that coaxed my buried creativity to reach for the light.


Gypsy Writer

I loved everything we dove into with the 21 day Journaling... Digging in deep and being able to share in a safe understanding environment helps so much to stand in my own strength and own my life. Shannon finds and explores with you in the most beautiful, meaningful statements. I look forward to doing another soon.


Reiki Healer

About three years ago, Shannon entered my life via her marvelous magazine, Vintage Gypsy. I saw some bits and pieces of the magazine and knew i was going to love it but would not be able to receive a hard copy since I live far away, in Cozumel, Mexico. She was able to put together a system in which i could read it via my iPad. I was thrilled. She manages to put together a super powerful, beautifully edited magazine filled with something for everyone. Each addition gets better. This year, i joined in on her 21 Day online writing workshop. She also set up a facebook group for the same. What an amazing group of women warriors! She ability to encourage, provide stimulating examples, and share her own stories provided all of us with a divine sacred place to share with the other members of the group. Now, with her latest class, Badass warriors, is going to be divine. I am so stoked to get going, to become the best i can be. I know she will help me to surprise myself. She is an amazing coach, guide, friend, confidant.


Business Coach

"Shannon puts her whole heart into everything that she does. The "Find Your Wild" 21-day writing program was no different. I felt like I had a wise kindred sister guiding me along the way. You can feel that she’s lived a lot of life through her writing and wise prompts. She awakens a desire to go deeper into your soul and leads by example that we each have a divine Goddess within."​


Indigenous Visions Inc.

For me getting organized and slowing down is long overdue so I have been looking for ways to contribute to my well-being. Taking the Vintage Gypsy’s “Find your wild” 21 days 21 prompt program was exactly what I needed! Some days I didn’t have time to journal, but for me carrying the daily prompts in my mind and heart really forced me to self-reflect on the basic level of my being. Journaling is a tool I have always cherished, and I loved the way Shannon took us through the 21 days, sharing stories from her own experiences and providing insights into a meaningful way to explore my own world.  I loved that fact that I was able to connect with the other women in the virtual get togethers, it felt safe, and as a result I have new friends in my network of women and some lovely stories in my journal.

Do you have a story aching to see the light of day

Is it there sitting just beneath the surface, coursing through your veins like a wildfire.

Let me help you bring it to life