Sexy &


Embrace your Goddess Radiance & Amplify your Sexual Energy

With Shannon Kelly and Heather Irene

A Revolution of Tantric Proportion

Are you ready to truly feel like a QUEEN every single day?

It's time for you to claim your throne;

Embrace the love and Intimacy we all crave;

Feel truly Alive and Beautiful;

Experience deeper pleasure;

Embrace your Goddess Radiance &

Amplify your Sensual Energy

Sacred, Sexy & Sovereign

A 6-week Intensive workshop for empowered women ready to level up their capacity

for deep embodiment and connection with their true sacred expression 

It's ok to feel disconnected from this sacred expression. Many of us have been. A woman's sexuality has been discouraged throughout history and many of us have experienced trauma and/or negative experiences. But bringing gentle awareness, allowing space for healing, and permission to practice rituals that will allow you to start craving connection, are all possible!


Your capacity to heal and feel primal and wild orgasm, take the exquisite joy of your own body, and LOVE your story will catapult into a new embodiment of juicy love and confidence


When a woman experiences and owns her own sensuality and sexuality it can be a toe-curling experience with yourself or with a lover -every last time.


Not only are you able to shut your mind off and enjoy your own body, but you also get to enjoy your lover's hot body too.


It's thrilling to heal your story and enjoy this human experience as exhilarating, jaw-dropping, and COSMIC!


It's the next level to your connection of divine delight and evolution! Truly embracing your Queen sensuality will allow a deeper connection with your body, mind, and soul. 


Let this be the next onion layer to be peeled back at your most empowered, radiant selves.


Let your sexual awakening be your next level of liberation!!!

  • Explore your personal story, your beliefs and hindrances around sexuality in today's society

  • Cultivate new, healed beliefs about your capacity as a sacred, sensual woman

  • Develop a love for your body in all of it's messy glory

  • Learn to nurture a deep embodiment of your powerful sexual archetype


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Heather Irene

Heather Irene is a Radiant Living Coach, guiding women from burnt out to burning up with endless amounts of natural energy as they become aware of the negative thought patterns and behaviors that keep them stuck in emotional eating, poor body image, people-pleasing and chronic exhaustion.

By incorporating simple daily exercises her clients learn how to meet their own emotional needs feeling energized, inspired and hopeful as they claim sacred space for themselves, embrace their bodies and celebrate their unique beauty as they discover what is really weighing them down.

Her teachings are sourced from her own deep personal experiences and realizations that any woman can move from pain to pleasure. For her it is all about helping women develop their authentic feminine confidence and reclaiming their bodies as sacred weaving the magic and deep wisdom of the Akashic field into every lesson.


Certified in the E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Akashic record readings, she gently but quickly gives her clients the awareness to cleanse and shift their energy.


Be reintroduced to the fierce, unique, gifted, expressive and self loving woman that you are!

Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly is a Badass Warrior Goddess.

She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine, and a personal transformation coach, thought leader, writer, and speaker.

Through her work, Shannon has helped thousands of women clear their limiting beliefs systems and conditioning to learn to trust in their inner guidance, so they can create their reality with a stronger spiritual foundation and from a place of confidence and power. 

Her genius lies in helping women unbecome the person they thought they had to be, so that they can rebuild a solid foundation that supports who they truly are.


With a healthy balance of compassion and truth bombing, Shannon guides her clients on an empowering journey back home to themselves.

She is a highly intuitive advanced Akashic Records and Reiki  Practitioner.

What you get!

Week 1 Healing the Patriarchal Sexual Trauma

-Seeking truth in our stories

-Releasing shame and guilt 

-Letting go of the pain

Week 2 Cultivating Your Goddess Fire

-Redefining your Sexuality

-Creating new rules for Love and Pleasure

-Deepening your capacity for loving your true self

Week 3 Awakening the Sensuality within

-Breathe work

-Mirror Work

-Learning to Play

Week 4 Unlocking your true Sensual Vibration

-Aligning to Your Sex Goddess

-Sexy comes from the inside

-Mastering the Swaggar

Week 5 Unlocking the Masculine Desire Code

-understanding the masculine Psyche

-What does he really want?

-How to ask for what you want

-how to nurture your intimacy in a positive way

Week 6 Mastering Bliss

-Expanding your Pleasure Capacity

-pleasure and play are your secret weapons

Weekly Mastermind Sessions (recording will be available for those who cannot attend live. 

Private Facebook group for sisterhood and support 

Daily inspiration, nourishment, encouragement and Goddess Rituals to keep you in the Energy of Embodying your Queen

Healing Audios and journal prompts to support you on your journey throughout the program and beyond. 

Email and Messenger support Monday thru Friday