The Rise of the Crowned One


by: Tara Preston

I find myself so protective of our societies aging and older woman.

I adore them.

Their beauty. Their wisdom. Their power.

I however also feel their place in our society is often diminished somehow, and it pains me deeply.

To me this feels wrong, and I for one am thirsty for the golden wisdom of our societies Crowned Ones which has been replaced by more common name of Crone.

After almost a decade of working with the Akashic Records, and hundreds, and hundreds of soul level clearing sessions with women from all ages, I have seen that this disempowerment has existed for a long, long time.

This disempowerment Is hard to escape fully, and is woven into the collective story of not just our elders but of women in general. Often these stories are passed down our ancestors after eons of painful experiences carried down through the matriarchal line, or through our own past life experiences as well.

These past life experiences as you can imagine range from witch burnings, isolation, drownings, sexual slavery, abandonment and extreme poverty circumstances for single women who had children.

It runs deep. It's old. It’s time to rise up and heal the suppression of the true power, wisdom and voices of our women.

The wise women elders (or the crones) at one point in our history were a great resource for the empowerment of her community, but threatening from the patriarchal perspective, and so patriarchy worked to isolate, devalue, and minimize the power of the the aging woman, or really women in general for a variety of reasons.

I mean if a women could no longer bear children what value did she have?

The term Crone means CROWNED ONE but, the traditional name of Crone is often depicted as as an old witch or ugly hag in many popular movies, however the true meaning of the word Crone couldn’t be farther from that truth.

The traditional meaning of the Crone (or as I like to say Crowned One) speaks to the power, beauty and rich wisdom that a woman in this particular feminine life cycle brings. This is a phase that makes up one of of the three feminine life cycles of Maiden, Motherhood and Crone that a women moves through throughout her life. If honoured each stage unlocks new wisdom, beauty and power for a woman who chooses to harness each stage for her growth and evolution. Much of this wisdom has been lost, but like so much of our ancient teachings we are seeing a reemergence at this time.

The truth is that our aging women are a very sacred part of what is so desperately needed in our world today.

These older women are our guides to our younger generations, and often have potent life experiences, gifts and sacred healing work ready to be brought forward for the highest good of all.

And yet, often they hang out on the sidelines of our society feeling limited by old roles that do not support the full expression of a women in her golden power years.

We've been conditioned to believe that women devalue with age.

We don’t become less as we age, we become more!

I have witnessed journeying deeply with women over the years that they often feel a deep longing to share more of their unique beauty, life experiences, gifts, wisdom truth and power, and yet their richness seems undervalued in a world where their contribution was once honoured.

The healing begins when we as women individually reclaim our potent power, and wisdom. It is up to us to own our true beauty and the potency of our stories, and experiences. When we begin to value without a doubt our own worth, then taking a stand for who we are, and what we uniquely have to offer THEN, and only THEN will we take back our power, and shift the collective creating a new legacy for future generations!

This is how we collectively create a NEW herstory.

Bev Willer is my feature Blooming Beauty this edition, and she is a Crowned One that is leading the way in creating a new story for our aging women who feel the call to walk their sacred path.

Hearing the story of other women is so powerful because we get to understand how we can then begin to use the experiences of those who have gone before us to open us to new understandings, and healing insights that can empower our sacred path as women as well.

This fall I met with Bev and I guided her through a Sacred Beauty Guided Photo Journey. This is something I felt would be really special for Bev especially because she was just stepping out serving the younger women in our community with a new aspect of her sacred work.

“I work with a group of native women whom have been abused or are in a relationship of abuse,” says Bev.

She goes on to share, “the group is called Nato we ho win. I love working with these beautiful women. I know what they feel and what they are going through. I spent 20 years in a relationship like theirs”.

“I learned how to let go and forgive. I am at peace now, and I want to support them in finding that peace within themselves. They need to know how beautiful, how strong and wise they are. I want them to learn how to take their power back that was taken from them. To find that inner beauty and find peace”, says Bev.

Bev Willer is a very humble, wise woman, and healer who is walking the path of the Medicine Woman. Her presence is beauty filled with the light of the divine, and she radiates this gorgeous playful open energy that is absolutely infectious.

As we moved through the guided photo process I would reflect Bev’s inner and outer beauty back to her, asking Bev other questions about her own journey as well. As we did this I could sense that Bev had really mastered the art of love and forgiveness through her own journey.

Following this path of the Medicine Woman was not always the case as Bev explans.

“Years ago my life I was living is not in alignment with my calling, as a result in feeling less than happy and fulfilled”, she says.

“ I had many struggles (Life lessons) to go through. I have been seeing and talking with spirit since I was a little girl going through so many hard lessons even then. As I got older I kept trying to let go, I then became afraid of spirit. kept pushing them away”.

“Then one day I got out of my darkness. Opened my heart and receive my good. I remember saying out loud " Ok already what is it you want me to do! I am ready! That was when my life changed! I am so blessed in so many ways from that day forward. that would have been around 1984”.

While working with Bev through the Sacred Beauty Photoshoot, I listened to Bev talk about the beauty of Mother Earth and her wisdom. She spoke about so much ancient wisdom rooted in that connection to Mother Earth and that we are now returning back to this.

As I listened to Bev she spoke about healing past personal relationship wounds through the act of forgiveness. Bev says, “it was never for the other person, it was always for me”. I wished them well, but in the end it was the forgiveness that allowed me to move forward”.

Bev’s calling has now lead her to the path of Medicine Woman. As a healer over the course of many many years now Bev has accumulated a healer’s tool box that consists of Crystal Reading & Mediumship, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, and now the extensive training of a Medicine Woman.

She explains the path of the Medicine Woman as this, “ The definition of a Medicine Woman is simple, yet complex. It is the path of ultimate accountability. Even though there are sacred tools and techniques that are passed down from generation to generation, the path of the Medicine Woman is more of a way of life”.

“For example, it’s the wisdom of knowing that all things are in relation to each other. That all healing and connection comes from the heart – be it with another human, an animal, mineral, plants or Spirit”.

“A true Medicine Woman knows all wisdom, love and truth are found within the Soul. The Soul can never be separated from anything but truth. A Medicine Woman will also help an individual ‘reconnect’ with the truth found in their Soul – so as to strengthen a person’s intuition.

To be in the presence of Bev one I could easily see this is an incredibly gifted woman who has followed the path of her soul stepping boldly outside the box of society, radiating rising into her Crowned Years as a beacon of light and healing for many.

However her humility as she serves so many is always a welcome surprise.

Bev says “Again it takes many years to become a true medicine women, I have a lot to learn yet”!

Imagine a world where our aging women were revered once again as the beautiful wise empowered queens they truly are?

Tara Preston is a beauty shaman, certified soul art guide, and advanced level akashic record consultant. She holds powerful space for spirited women to be the visible empowered goddesses they were born to be. After over a decade spent in the beauty industry as a model and makeup artist, Tara now weaves together various transformational tools combined with ancient healing wisdom to support women in creating a powerful sacred self image that ignites the path to their highest purpose, then attracting the relationships, life and business their soul truly longs for. Through her Year Long Radiant Women Rising Business Mastermind Program, and The Intuitive Beauty Cleanse Program she weaves the spiritual healing power of not only the Akashic Records, but many other healing tools and feminine embodiment practices to assist her clients in healing deep collective feminine core wounds, and soul-level rooted patterns. By doing this she is able to facilitate deep and transformational work that allows her clients to feel free, powerful, and beautiful in the expression of their purpose in both life & business. This year Tara co-authored, along with 22 other new paradigm feminine leaders the newly released book called “The New Feminine Evolutionary”. Embody Presence. Become the Change. Published by Flower of Life Press, this book establishes a conversation about the different facets of this new feminine evolutionary woman, and how our open hearts and powerful lineage of sisterhood can transform not just the world we each inhabit, but the global energetic of love.

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