My Love Story

In 2010 I was a 43 year old single mother of two children. I was working full time and busy with activities, but I felt lonely and was dreaming of romance. I had been on a few dates but had not met anyone I had really connected with until I met Bob. Bob, a widow, was a neighbour who is several years older than myself. He asked me out for dinner, and he brought me flowers. I felt very comfortable with him from the first moment we met. We both had small dogs and we enjoyed going on walks together. We discovered we had several things in common. We were spending more and more time together and soon did not want to be apart. I felt as if he was bringing the best out in me and I was a better person when I was with him.

Bob has had some incredibly interesting experiences in life, including surviving esophageal cancer. He had undergone intensive surgery and had struggled through a serious infection. This had occurred just three years before I met him. At the time he was going through this crisis his doctor had told him to get his things in order and be prepared because he likely would not survive. He sold a chunk of his family’s farm including a house he built himself. He had been through a lot, but it strengthened his character and he became someone who really cherished life itself and all the good things in the world. I really appreciated his sense of humour.

Bob was thirteen and a half years older than me, and we could see the age difference could potentially be an issue. During our first summer together we went camping. One night we were sitting by the campfire, holding hands and looking up at the stars. We looked at each other and acknowledged our relationship was becoming serious, and would likely become a long term. We were falling in love. We talked about the age difference, but I knew I did not want to lose out on a wonderful relationship. Our age difference was not a problem for us, and we did not want to worry about what others may think.

Over the years we have encountered people who have judged us due to our ages. We can imagine what they are thinking: he must be rich, she found a sugar daddy, etc. This is not the case in our situation. Bob is not rich and I am not as young as I may appear. Bob and I are in love, and we do not need to explain ourselves to anyone else. We were married in September 2015.

In the end, I hope people who are feeling lonely and want to find a relationship are open to all possibilities. Do not write someone off because they do not fit a certain criteria, and especially do not worry about what other people may or may not think.

Arlene Burke

Gypsy Writer