The Best of Times

As I stand in the crowd slowly sipping a draft beer, I realize I am singing along. My heart knows all the words. The song that plays takes me back to a time many years ago. The memories race quickly through my mind. I was much younger then. I was wild and free. I was in love with life. Outdoor parties on the beach, a raging fire, and many friends. Driving around in an old Camaro with the tunes cranked up and the windows rolled down. Always just waiting for the weekend to arrive and bring a new adventure.

My eyes are wandering now, scanning the crowd. I find myself wondering what wonderful memories all of these faces are thinking about. Are they also remembering a time long past. Perhaps a lover or a friend or a special time in their lives. That party when……That crazy girl…..My wonderful friend who is no longer with us. The memories that only that song can trigger.

As the song ends I come back to myself, take another sip of my beer and smile.

“Music is what feelings sound Like”