Moon Gallery

Give thanks when you gaze at the full moon. You are being reminded of the fullness of everything in your life. If you live to see the next full moon , you are fortunate. Each month a different emotion shows in the face of the moon. At times, the moon seems to be singing a soulful aria to the stars, the next month the face has closed eyes and a wide open mouth as if she is howling. I have even seen the Mona Lisa smile in a full moon.

One crisp, cold, clear summer night in mid July , the full moon looked like a brilliant silver coin laying on a blue velvet cloth. I could feel the roundness of the Earth, the delicate layers and the hard rock beneath my feet. I wondered if the ancestors thought that the full moon was an opening , cut into the side of a huge black twinkling dome. If they sailed towards the moon as it appears to be sitting on the ocean, what wonders and terrors would await them in the land through the bright circle. I wondered if they believed that this fiery red glow was where the dragons came out, hissing and singing, swirling and snaking above the earth.

My Mom looks out of her window onto a bay and she says that when the moon is full, it shines across the water, casting a moonbeam the length of the bay . That’s her favorite image .

Moon glow, moon beam, moon shine, the moon in June , the calming moon.

My Dad recalls sitting in a covered sleigh , a small stove crackling warmth, the glowing eyes of shy Timber wolves standing in the silhouette of trees, watching the winter moonlight.

I recall the midnight moon in February.

The snow glittering and crunching under our skis.

We could see across the lake and over to the little island .

If we stood still , we could hear the boom of the ice cracking, moving within the constraints of rock and land.

The most beautiful is the veiled blue moon in winter. Soft and peaceful , clouds gracefully slide past , offering momentary privacy. New moon, quarter moon, half moon, full. A circle of events consistent and dependable.

A moon gallery.

Jayne Graham is a prairie woman, born in Tisdale Sask. She lives in Birch Hills where she and her partner Hamish run a Haskap orchard. Jayne is a musician, a singer songwriter, and writer of poems and short stories. At heart, Jayne says she must be a gypsy. She and her husband split their time between 3 mobile homes, one in the forest, one in town and one which is a solar powered former city disability bus that serves as a camper. Jayne has many friends in the music community of Saskatchewan and on Vancouver Island where 3 of her children and 6 Grandchildren live.