Oxford Dictionary’s definition is this:

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

This article is based off a workshop I lead at the Modern Woman Show this past Spring. After the talk, we made bracelets out of gemstones which can enhance intuition. Before I get into details about the gemstones, I’ll tell you a bit of my Intuitive journey, about intuition in general, and share some practical exercises which I’ve found helpful.

Everyone is born with inner-knowing, and intuition just like any skill, it can be learned, practiced, and broadened. It comes to us by way of experience, but for most people, remains underdeveloped or even repressed. So what exactly does intuition include?

It’s believed to have four different levels.

1. Physical: Sensing danger, or nausea in some situations where you shouldn’t feel sick, immediate comfort or being withdrawn around certain individuals - Opening yourself up to this type of intuition is like tapping into the things our body already ‘knows’

2. Emotional level: This is the level of self-awareness. “Women’s or Mother’s intuition” is on the emotional level, an increase to synchronicity and psychic experience (ex…thinking of someone and the phone rings) Many artists are in tune with this type of intuition, they feel the music as they play/dance, let the paintbrush take over, etc

3. Mental: Inner visions, ‘gut feelings’, problem solving – Sometimes this type of intuition requires ‘sleeping on it’ and then answers come! It’s also the ability to piece together concepts or ideas without there being any reason for them to fit. Scientists, Inventors – Einstein operated on a very high intuitive level!

4. Spiritual: This includes mystical experiences and purity. It is not dependent on senses, feelings, body, emotions, patterns – transcends rationality, it is soul guidance. Direct connection to God/Universe/messages from Spirit. Psychics and Mediums are here.

It’s important to realize that everyone is unique, especially with ‘gifts’. We all can take voice lessons for years, but if a person is tone deaf, they’re never going to sound like Kelly Clarkson! It’s the same with learning Math, some people have a natural ability, and it just clicks! So, don’t be discouraged or ever compare yourself to anyone else when in pursuit of developing your intuition. The point is becoming better tomorrow than what we are today – for ourselves! Most of us use our intuition to some degree and just don’t realize it. Becoming more intuitive is about bringing the unconscious conscious. You can trust it to be your guide.

About Me

Without going into my childhood or adolescence, let’s just say I was conditioned with traditional views, which is probably the majority of most people. Going to my parents or anyone for that matter, to say ‘I’m hearing voices’ or to explain there were things I knew before they happened, (like someone being pregnant or relationship details, accidents) would only have given me a label or medications of some sort – I kept it to myself. I had many moments of “WOAH” throughout my life where I thought of something or had a dream then it came true, but it wasn’t until one night in 2010 when I had no choice but to pay attention to my own gifts. Denying it wasn’t an option. I woke up in a state of panic, my heart racing, and I knew it was because of my mom. I could feel how deeply terrified she was and all I could do was pray. So with all of my being, I sent her loving thoughts and healing. After about an hour I felt calm and knew she was alright, so I went back to sleep. I found out the next morning she had went into heart failure around the same time I had woken up. She went through a lot of recovery, and is doing great today, but that moment was a turning point for my own acceptance. Questioning thoughts or messages turned into asking myself what I should do about them! A shift had taken place.

The longer I have been developing my intuition, the more I realized that I’ve been using it throughout my life unconsciously! Career decisions for example: I’ve changed careers or started new businesses at least six times because I ‘knew’ it was what I was meant to be doing and felt pulled in that direction. My family and some friends have labelled me impulsive and careless, not researching enough or weighing out all the pros and cons like a ‘normal’ person would and warned me like I was setting myself up for failure. It lessened my confidence on occasion, because of jokes I’d hear every time I started something new “What’s Marie doing now haha?!!” All I wanted was support. Although I haven’t had huge amounts of monetary success, I wholeheartedly believe that all business decisions I’ve made were the right ones, for they led me to something else, or to meeting people who have become major players in my life … Talking careers, in 2010 I started a coffee roasting business – Again, I’m not sure what ever prompted me to, I just ‘did it’ because it felt right. I was passionate and loved everything aspect of it. After a few years, my spouse had run into some health problems, I was going through other personal issues with my family, and the business was in a lull through the winter, so we decided to take a three month break so he could focus on getting better (I couldn’t operate the biz without him)….during that time, I fell into a scary depression, and looking back, I think was there for a lot longer than I realized. It probably wasn’t the best thing when my partner was going through something, physically, much more serious. Months before closing, we had met an elderly, Intuitive Healer who was helping him. She reached out to me, obviously knowing I needed it, and thus started my own journey to recovery, healing, and awakening my intuition. It was intense for three years, and I’m still on this journey, just in a new place working on healing and expanding in other ways. If we’re not growing, we’re dying.

Tension and anxiety, especially depression, interfere with learning of any kind. Negative emotions restrict our receptiveness to all sorts of healing, and when it comes to intuition, they’re direct blockers. First, I learned that quietening my mind of negative thoughts was essential for my growth and healing. This was the hardest thing for me as I have always struggled with a brain that never shut off and my self-talk was sabotaging opportunities and my own happiness.

How do we quiet our minds? Change our perspective? There’s meditation, but finding what works best for you is key. In the beginning I couldn’t meditate for more than two minutes, so I did things that my mentor suggested – going for a walk, making a craft, colouring, baking…anything creative or something we are submersed in can quiet our thoughts. There’s no way to a peaceful mind without practice. There is no way to become good at meditation without practice either. I did finally build up to being able to meditate for an hour at a time. Some people focus on breathing, some use mala beads, some stare at a picture or flower. I like to listen to guided meditations as sometimes it’s easier when you have someone else telling you what to do! Experiment, find out what feels right and incorporate it into your life. I promise you’ll notice a difference! If I can do it, anyone can!

This is an exercise that has been effective for me as far as clearing my mind and drawing my attention elsewhere:

Big breath in. When you practice this on a regular basis you can close your eyes if you want, but you don’t have to…. Imagine space. There is no right or wrong, so don’t overthink it. Take a few moments for each.

Imagine the space:

  • Between your eyes Between your ears

  • Between your shoulders

  • The space between your tongue and roof of your mouth

  • The space inside your throat

  • The space between your fingers

  • The space between each rib

I think you get the idea.

You can continue and imagine the spaces between, around and inside all areas of our bodies. Notice how it brings an awareness of nothingness? These spaces are where answers lie. For me, clearing out all the static is what helps for messages to come in. While reaching a state of calm, acknowledge your feelings, but don’t judge or hold on to them. It’s a matter of observing only. In other words, realize where you are at, accept it and be fully present in the moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re down in the dumps or oober excited – feeling too much of anything will have you concentrating on that instead.

Developing intuition is hard work, for most people, as it requires self-acceptance and to become so self-aware even of one’s own faults and conditioning. You have to know your beliefs and not project your own thoughts or interpretation. The point is to observe WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, without questioning, and that comes with trusting yourself. Whatever way you receive messages, just receive them.

For years I questioned my messages. There were times I felt crazy, wondering how or why I was thinking something or about someone for no apparent or logical reason. Here is another small exercise to help us recognize our own voice and the power of it.

  1. At the count of three holler “I HATE YOU” and really feel it! Here’s the kicker - don’t use your voice. Don’t even mouth the words. 1..2..3…

  2. Now, whisper – without your voice – I LOVE YOU.

Could you feel the difference in energy in yourself? In the room? I’m sure you’re wondering what they point of that was, but I just want to show you that we all have control of our own inner voice. It’s important to recognize what it sounds like. Also, it’s to help you realize we are all energy, and enhancing your intuition has to do with not only being aware of your own, but being open to everyone else’s. If you pay attention, you can probably tell whether someone has positive or negative intentions by listening to your body and ‘tuning in’. It took me a long time to be confident with myself, and to realize that knowing’ isn’t being judgmental. Many times I was able to warn people, once helping a friend before entering business relationship and it was due to trusting my own inner-knowing and not keeping it to myself. The point is, you need to develop a STRONG, honest friendship with yourself guided by acceptance and self-growth to expand your intuition. Don’t ever get offended by what others’ opinions are of you! If you aren’t willing to work on your own state of mind, don’t expect to get any messages from the Universe other than ‘repeat’. I could write or talk for hours about things of this nature but what I want to share has to do with my love of gemstones – materials from the Earth which carry their own frequencies and can facilitate healing and our own awareness if we’re open to it. I’ve chosen five which I feel are perfect for someone who is looking to enhance intuition. Wear as a bracelet, pendant, or carry one in your pocket. Gemstones are also great to hold or focus on during meditation or to put on a crystal grid to amplify your intentions even more. Use them in whatever way feels good for you!

Gemstones to Increase Intuition

Lepidolite: Known to lessen anxiety and quiet the mind, calms emotions and nerves, aids in focus during meditation

Amethyst: Heals mentally, physically and emotionally. Opens the Third Eye, calms addictive thoughts, offers spiritual protection and is a classic meditation tool.

Moss Agate: Balances left/right hemispheres of the brain, develops a longing to spend time outdoors or with nature, instills courage and belief in oneself, connects us to our emotions so we can understand and accept them and heal

Lapis Lazuli: Stone of truth and wisdom, helps with your journey for guidance from Spirit, draws out tension and anxiety so one can let it go. Third eye development and increases our ability to effectively communicate

Clear Quartz: The energy amplifier. Clears blockages in all areas, increases clarity of thought, sharpens perception, helps to reveal truths, will amplify all your intentions (make them good!!!)

In sharing parts of my Intuitive journey, it is my hope that it will ignite passion within you to embark on your own.

Marie Aline isn't so much of a 'Jack of all Trades', but an Artist of all sorts! Since her teens she's been creative writing, sewing, and baking and has taken up numerous projects over the years, including everything from refinishing small furniture, refurbishing vintage lamps, and sewing handbags out of old ties. Marie was a photographer for ten years, owned a coffee roastery, and self-published her first novel, Billian The Borrower in the Fall of 2015. She's currently finishing up novel number two in her series “The Fireborn Chronicles”. Marie is also the owner of Harland Mae Jewelry. Loving gemstones for years, she was drawn to working and learning about crystals, jumping in with two feet, teaching herself to hand knot malas. Marie feeds her soul with a variety of different mediums and believes that in sharing her gifts with others, all of our lights will shine brighter.