Finding My Way Home

Sabrina Demyen grew up in the small city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It's the town that helped her start her career. At the age of 13, Sabrina picked up the guitar and taught herself to play in the basement of her childhood home, it is also where she began to write her own music and where she built up the courage to start playing in coffee shops and shows around town. Finally, making a name for herself, she was given opportunities to perform in bigger festivals and opening up for Canadian country artists like Adam Gregory, Doc Walker and The Road Hammers. After a few successful years as a Saskatchewan artist, Sabrina hung up her hat to focus on being a mother and going back to University. Although happy, Sabrina knew something was missing and in the summer of 2017 she decided to make a comeback. She entered some Saskatchewan talent searches, and came out on top, being crowned with the grand prize at "The Proudly Saskatchewan Showcase", earning her spot on the main stage at Saskatchewan Country Thunder as well as winning a song writing award for some of her originals. Most recently Sabrina was chosen to be a coach for "The Voice of Prince Albert," which will take place during the Winter Festival in February. She has reminded people of who she is and what she brings to the Country music industry and although she has a long way to go, she is reaching for the stars, and we cannot wait to see whats next for this beautiful, talented musician.

VG: So Tell us about you.

I'm 27 years old, originally from Prince Albert. I'm a single mom to a beautiful 3-year-old daughter named Brooke and we live in Regina. I'm studying for my degree in Recreational Therapy. My parents were very young when they had my sister and i feel like that helped me become the diverse music lover that I am today. One of my first memories i can remember is standing outside on the deck with my dad on our little acreage we had in Beaver Lodge AB, with April Wine blaring threw the speakers. But with that, Country Music is my first love, and my second language. I grew up listening to George Strait, Merle Haggard and Garth Brooks, I always say its engraved in my veins.

VG: You took a little break from music, Tell us about that. What made you decide to come back to us?

When i stopped singing, I didn't think it was a break, I thought it was a forever decision. For 5 years I was in an abusive relationship with someone who told me to stop singing. Sadly, I listened because of the viscous cycle that is domestic abuse. It was the stupidest decision I have ever made, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I didn’t appreciate my success when I was younger, and although no one should ever be abused in any shape or form, it was something that helped me get where I am today as a person and musician. I honestly believe that without that relationship I wouldn’t have the drive I do now.

VG: I am super excited that you are once again pursuing your music. What are your long term goals? Can we expect and EP soon? What is on your music agenda (where can we find and listen to you) in the near future?

I'm so excited to be back doing music!! It really feels amazing to be doing something I love again after such a dark time in my life. I always continued writing so I have tons of music that I can't wait to show off! I have tons of 2018 goals, one being an EP following a radio tour, hopefully in the Spring/Summer. January and February are insanely busy with coaching The Voice. I also share tons of content on social media. Brooke and I have a few duets and more to come in the future that is too adorable not to watch.

VG: Tell us what to expect from the Voice? Have you met your students? What are your expectations? You must be super excited to be a Coach?

I'm very excited and honored to be a coach for The Voice 2018. I had the opportunity to MC the auditions and was able to meet my team. They all remind me of myself when I was just starting out. Just like them I did tons of competitions. I understand their nerves and the feeling of winning and losing. It's not easy, but with my experience I'm hoping I can help them along the way and give guidance that I wish I was given at that time in my life

VG: Will you perform at the winter festival?

Winter Festival is near and dear to my heart. Growing up in Prince Albert, it was such a big part of our community and I remember looking forward to it every year. When I was 15, I auditioned for my first Country North Show. I remember being over the moon when I was chosen. After that I did 10 more years of the show. It really helped me become the performer I am today with the guidance and support from the CNS family. This year I'll be performing at the Rock Show Experience on February 16th and 17th.

VG: Where does your inspiration come from?

I'm a people person so a lot of my inspiration comes from other people. Brooke, obviously, I couldn’t do this without her. My family and friends, seeing them succeed gives me the need to want the same thing. And of course, other musicians. I look up to some amazing and talented people and it helps guide me into the musician I strive to be.

VG: What inspires you to keep moving forward?

Being a single mom, is like a switch that gives you a drive you’ve never had before, and that's all thanks to Brooke. She really keeps me going, especially with my hectic life. Being a waitress, student, mom and now musician is not easy, and rest and relaxation isn't in my agenda but she makes it worth it. I want to show her that she can be independent and successful.

VG: How do you find your life/family/work balance?

It took me a long time to really find a proper balance. I have a passion for being a mother, student and musician, which means I work really hard at all three of them. That doesn't come easy. If I'm getting good grades in school, I feel like music is lacking. If I'm doing great in music I feel like I'm not being the best mom I can be. It’s a never-ending cycle, and I never feel accomplished. But I think the beauty in that is the capability to continue to strive for success and being the best mom, student, musician, and overall human. I also make sure to take an hour and a half out of my every day to go to the gym. It helps me stay focused and it's my time to work on myself, and of course, helps me feel good and stay confident which is something I think every woman needs in their life. Also, coffee makes things easier, especially those 6am wake up calls.

VG: Do you ever feel uninspired or overwhelmed? How do you get yourself back on track?

All. The. Time. Everyday! I'm constantly overwhelmed, but it helps get things done. I take on a lot, sometimes more than I can handle and I won't lie, I have melt downs at least once a week, especially during those finals in school. But I do think I do things better when I'm overwhelmed or under pressure. I get off track a lot, it's the way life is. I usually try and give myself Sundays to stay home with Brooke and unwind, with no commitments or plans. It really helps me catch my breath, refocus and organize my life for the upcoming week. I make lists, meal prep, look at my calendar and binge watch Netflix (AKA Paw Patrol).

VG: What is it you love most about writing and playing your songs? When did you start? What’s your favorite song that you wrote?

I've been writing since I was 11. It's like therapy to me, I tend to write when I'm upset, or having a strong sense of emotion. At 13, I started singing my songs in coffee shops around PA and that’s what really got me into music. At the time there wasn’t a lot of younger kids writing and performing so I stood out and it ignited my musical fire. My favorite song that I've ever wrote so far, is called "Baby". I wrote it when I was 19 and single, working at a local bar in PA. It's a song about passion and love, something I was lacking at that time and so I wrote down my wants on paper and it turned out beautiful. Just this year "Baby" got the recognition it deserved when it won a Spirit of Saskatchewan songwriting award for the Proudly Saskatchewan Showcase. It is an award I am most proud of to date.

VG: What is your favorite place on earth? The place that makes your heart sing? Where you feel at Peace.

I have felt most at peace at a few places in my life. The ocean, the woods, the farm. All of these places have brought a peace and calmness to my life and heart even if it was only for a few minutes.

VG: What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have rituals or things you do every day to keep you positive and moving forward?

Every day is different for me. I'm either working, going to school or traveling/preparing for a show. One thing I ALWAYS do is have my morning coffee and snuggle with my daughter, and I make sure to get some physical activity in. I usually end my night with a good song in bed. I use my earphones so I'm surrounded by the song, and it helps me be happy.

VG: If you could share some words of advice/wisdom to other women thinking about chasing a passion, what you tell them?

Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can't be who you are, and do what you love. Surround yourself with people that rise you up, instead of bring you down. Don't keep looking at the end goal, find the beauty in the right now because the journey is the best part.