Farmwives 2

In 2016, I launched my first book titled: “Farmwives in Profile: 17 Women, 17 Candid Questions about their Lives, Photos & Recipes” about traditional Canadian Prairie farmwives between the ages of fifty-five and ninety. This book told the stories of their every day life, the best parts, the hardest parts and it shared recipes straight from the farmkitchen. The books ultimate goal was to honour them, celebrate them, and hold them up to their communities for all that they’ve done.

The women in my first book wore the title “farmwife” with pride. They worked to raise heir families, they worked hard on the farm, they were solid members of their communities,they fed crews of hard-working men in the fields and they often did this with no other help than the other women in their communities. My aim at the end of it all, was for these women to see that they were the “hearts” of their families and that they not only nurtured their own children, but entire communities. Despite the humble natures of so many of them, they were far more than “just farmwives”.

My second part of this “Farmwives Book Project” is the next book titled "Farmwives 2: An Inspiring Look at the Lives of the New Canadian Farmwives”. After the launch of my first book, I spent another two years researching twentyfour more women, this time from across Canada to find out how perspectives on this role are changing and to talk about life on Canadian family farms for the next generations of women.

Farmwives 2 is a collection of some of the same, but many new interview questions. These women range from their twenties to fifties. I always knew that a second book would have to be written. I wanted the first book to surround the “traditional” women and give them the honour they deserved for dedicating their lives to their families and farms. But, I always knew that the next generations would deserve a voice also. This book is that collective voice.

You’ll read in Farmwives 2 that many of the women didn’t even highly regard the term “farmwife”. One said she didn’t appreciate being given a title based on what her husband does for a living. Some work on the farm, some work off. Some work in the fields just as much as their partners do, and some have an entire separate career.

The women in Farmwives 2 are as diverse as the beautiful parts of the country they hail from. I think that was my point of it all, though. To show that there is no one right way to live on a farm. Just like there’s no one right way to be a wife, a mother or a woman.

I can say that one thing is true of all of the women: that they are all doing their best to live the very best life for their families - no matter what that looks like on their farm. These books can be found for sale online through all major online retailers and by visiting:

What’s next for me now?

I’ll be attending conferences and various events this next year selling my farmwives books and speaking about the amazing women in my books. I can truly say I don’t tire from singing their praises.

I feel it’s been a huge gift for me to be able to learn about them through my interviews. I’ve taken much of their advice and words of wisdom to heart in my own life and family. Bringing this project to the light of day has truly been a dream come true for me.