Like most women, you are wondering if empowering your relationship with food & your body is even possible at this point. Most likely you’ve tried dieting, or diet pills, or maybe even not eating. Perhaps you’ve done the excessive exercising- seeing little or no results which only left you feeling worse about yourself then before you started.

The thing is- all of these approaches are rooted in an extreme state of deprivation which only leaves you feeling starved further of the love and fulfillment you are truly seeking. When we don’t get to the root of the lack of love within- then we give up and wait for the next fad diet to come around, only to fail at that too.

Does this sound familiar? Thoughts like “I can’t do this.”, “I am going to fail again., “I am alone., “I will never get there, I shouldn't even try.” You know why I know these thoughts? Because I’ve been where you are. And stayed stuck in a vicious cycle of dieting failure, body shame, emotional eating and guilt until I learned to love myself.

I never struggled with my weight as a child or young adult. If anything I was underweight for most of it…but something happened throughout the years that wounded my soul.

Over and over I absorbed untruths about my strengths, independence and beauty. it was only then that I came to realize that it wasn't my stomach that was starving.

It was my SOUL!

My name is Heather Irene, and I am a Weight Release & Radiant Living Coach. I work with women helping them to create an empowered relationship with themselves, so they too, can move past the pain/ punishment cycle of unhealthy eating, past the body shame and breaking free once and for all into the true soulfully nourished life they are actually hungry for.

This can be hard to remember when we feel disconnected, overworked and under nurtured. So to feel whole or full, or stop the maniacal chatter inside our heads we eat to ease our feelings. Our bodies, regardless of their shapes or sizes are HOLY VESSELS and we can be blatantly blind to this fact.

I find my clients tired of doing it on their own. They do not see their worth, they do not feel love towards their bodies and their stories hold them stuck tight in a disappointing expectation of achieving perfectionism.

I have found weaving the E.F.T. or "tapping" technique along with powerful self accepting and loving mantras allows the subconscious saboteur to rewire into loving, supportive and accepting inner voice.

I support women in creating a sacred relationship with their bodies, their food and space. Space to recharge. To dream. Something we as women do not make time for in this day and age of giving but never receiving.

"I shifted my relationship with myself showering love all over it"

It didn’t happen overnight, It didn’t take a week or even a month, It was years of of mistreating my body. Focusing on punishing and hating it instead of accepting a body that I should have loved.

At my lowest point I had gained over 80 pounds and weighed in at 232 kgs. On a 5 foot 3 frame body, I felt huge and invisible all at the same time. My pain ran so deep, but everyone was oblivious because I always had a smile. I hid how much I ate and I felt alone.

Throughout most of my younger adult life food has been my best friend and my worst enemy. I know the cyclical pain of eating out of frustration, shame and then feeling more shame from not being able to control my addictions.

The wicked cycle of binging and purging finally made sense to me the day I shifted my relationship with myself showering love all over it and I decided to EMBRACE my FLAWSOMENESS!!

Having a broken relationship with ourselves makes it next near to impossible to be happy, healthy and be at a ideal weight-no matter how hard we work ourselves.

8 years ago, I released 100 pounds.

I can tell you it wasn’t even about the weight. It’s was about turning my pain into pleasure and releasing 100 pounds of burden off of my shoulders as well.

It was by reclaiming my worth, and falling in love with me that I finally began to release the weight!

From there everything has changed. I DECIDED I was going to be a healthy role model for my children, and fellow sisters. I stepped gracefully into living larger, instead of being larger. I have binged, and I have purged. I have been hospitalized for punishing my body in the worst of ways. However, now, everyday is a new day filled with hope, opportunity and support because that is what I CHOOSE!!

The journey into your best,most beautiful, self doesn’t have to take years of additional struggle. It can be shorted with a mentor someone who has done this journey. Someone who has the tools to support you as you reclaim your joy, and release the weight.

My true soul’s purpose is to hold big space for women just like you to embrace the goddess of a woman that you truly are. I will help you to explore an entirely new thought process leaving old, crippling programming in the dust, where inner peace just naturally falls into place.

I want to be there to help you discover how beautiful your body is no matter what age, shape or size it is. Once you embrace yourself, the rest will follow. Confidence comes first. Then the weight comes off. It does not work the other way around.

My programs give you all the support, tools, guidance and love you need to move past these struggles once and for all…

Come walk with me. You are more than worthy.

Heather Irene, Radiant Weight Release Coach For The Woman Who Is Ready To Reclaim Her Happy, Healthy, & Wholesome Self.