Eekwol Saskatchewan's Female Hip Hop Emcee


Eekwol (Lindsay Knight) is an award-winning hip hop performing artist in Saskatoon, Treaty Six Territory, originally from Muskoday First Nation. Eekwol has been making music for years just recently releasing her 5th album titled, Good Kill. The single,”Pitiful feat. 2oolman” made it to the #1 spot on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown and charted in Sirius Radio and numerous college and community stations and streaming site playlists. For 2018, she has received a Canada Council grant to complete a concept project with fellow lyricist, T-Rhyme titled, For Women By Women which is to be released in the fall.

Eekwol uses her music and words to spread messages of resistance, revolution and keeping the language, land and culture alive for the next generations. Through her original sound she displays her activist roots by living and creating as a supporter of both Hip Hop and Indigenous culture and rights. She has recently completed her Indigenous Music focused Masters Degree at University of Saskatchewan, which she has taken along with her many years of dedication to hip hop and created something unique and astounding to give back to the community. Along with motherhood, music and academic work, Eekwol frequently works with young people across the country as a mentor and helper. She achieves this through performances, workshops, speaking events, conferences and programs.


How did you get started as a Hip-Hop Artist? What is the story?

I was always in love with music and how it made me feel. I had been writing poetry and stories for much of my childhood. When I turned 13, I discovered hip hop in BET. I knew that I had found my passion - to tell stories over beats! I’ve been doing it ever since.

You are spreading a very powerful message through your music!

Do you feel that you are reaching your target audience? And who is that target audience? Why?

I had always done music for the love and was never good at promoting or marketing myself because I just loved to create the songs and how that process made me feel. So, I can never say who my target audience is because I strongly feel that they have always found their way to me - many times by accident, or serendipity? From an industry perspective, it has been the Indigenous and hip-hop music communities.

“You said that the spirit of music chooses you” Do you feel that you are living your passion and purpose?

Music is so natural to me. It comes to me in so many different ways and it never leaves. I have tried to make a conscious effort to stop doing music, but it comes back to me in the form of ideas and opportunities. And now as a mom it has become stronger and the purpose has changed. I am definitely living my passion!

Where does the inspiration come from?

I am always reactionary to things I encounter, read, hear, see. Most of the songs come from that place of trying to understand and learn about something that is really hard or really exciting. I am inspired mostly by my kids, who are smarter and cooler than me, so I try to impress them. Right now, I am seeing so many women creating music from a place of strength and not adhering to patriarchal standards. This give me so much life and inspiration!

Do you have any advice you would like to share with the women in this Vintage Gypsy community?

I see music and the idea of being a woman in music as opportunity to build community. I feel that feminism is useful as a discussion, yet it caters to the reality of patriarchy and reminds us of this divide and the oppression. It doesn’t invite in the ways that powerful music for women by women or those who identify as such can. By talking about our strengths, our heroes, our talent and our families, we uplift and invite anyone else who agrees to join the movement. I’d like to think that as an Indigenous woman with my experiences growing up and feeling that deep sense of self-hatred and shame, I’d like to imagine that the movement and focus is not us against them/patriarchy rather it’s us against us. It’s learning self-love regardless of the hate all around us. That’s the most ultimate power that we can have!

Where can people purchase your music? Do you have a summer agenda of festivals and events? Perhaps we will have an opportunity to see you somewhere.

Right now I am promoting a project that I had worked on with T-Rhyme called For Women By Women. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming sites. There are a couple of videos on Youtube that we created for the project. Also, I have Eekwol music in the same spots!

I am doing a few festivals, mostly out of province. I don’t have anything booked in Saskatchewan beyond National Indigenous Day in Regina on June 21st. I am pretty good at posting shows on my facebook and Instagram feeds, so if you are interested, like my page!