Dragonfly Spirit

by: Gale Stonehouse

via Creative writing bootcamp Spirit Animal session

It’s not fun deconstructing your human story, going back to deal with past traumas which seem all consuming and terrifying to relive. Rewiring limiting beliefs, and addressing triggers.

If you want a life full of abundance, bliss, peace, clarity, fulfillment, and purpose, you must do it all. A life spent “fixing” and “saving” others or being a “people pleaser” does not satisfy your Inner Self.

Unlearning this people pleasing behavior is necessary to move forward and reclaim your own inner peace.

This cannot be done alone.

Support comes in many forms, teachers, coaches, books, and spirit animals.

Opening up to your limiting beliefs avails a whole new realm of beliefs. We begin to recognize that we now have choices. We can choose to stay with the devil we know (limiting beliefs) or choose a new path. Scary.

The comfort with the devil we know, is unknowingly unhelpful. Although awareness of new possibilities may seem uncomfortable, trying develops more clarity for self care, which in turn allows us to be better caregivers to ourselves and others.

The Old Woman and the Dragon Fly

Once upon a time there was an old woman. She was a sad old woman.

The woman knew her sadness was caused by all of the challenges life had given to her.

She knew that she needed help to move through her sadness and experience more joy.

The old woman travelled many miles, found many answers and tools and learned from many teachers.

She began to recognize that her people pleasing tendencies had been passed down many generations and conformities of society. She knew she needed to be let go of this.

On her journey to find healing and acceptance the old woman began to understand that people pleasing used up all her time and energy, she had none left for herself. She was a people who needed pleasing too.

The old woman learned about nourishing her body, her mind, and her heart and soul. She began taking better care of herself but still she struggled with acceptance.

One day the old woman was extremely sad, she knew she needed to walk in nature and listen for guidance from above, although uncertain of her faith. She walked in the forest there was no one and nothing there but her and the sun and the whispering breeze. She began to sob, the pain in her heart was all consuming. Tears fell, she sobbed uncontrollably. Her vision was clouded.

Something appeared, it was a dragonfly, suddenly there were many. Too Many to count. They swarmed around her. She had to shield her face with her hands, one landed on her shoulder, Without hesitation she realized this was her spirit animal sent to her from somewhere up above.

The old woman could not argue this was happening to her. She knew she must listen and so listen she did. The message she received was to not let illusions, deceit and falsehoods cloud your mind. Accept that loving yourself brings your life abundance, bliss, peace, clarity, fulfillment, and purpose. She learned that day to love herself and the sadness which all but consumed her was replaced with Joy.

And So it is......

Gale stonehouse is an international coach and facilitator specializing in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT). She's truly passionate about reconnecting people to their true divine nature balancing body, mind and soul.