Antelope Spirit

by: Jan Erickson

Creative Writing Bootcamp Spirit Animal Session

The antelope spirit: get moving, evolution, step it up, relationships, warp speed, move on

There in front of her was a wide-open range. Standing at the edge she could see, hear, and smell the wide rippling stream awaiting her. She’d been here before on many occasions. She was tired and thirsty but knew that this part of her long journey was coming to an end and her new beginning awaits her on the other side.

Crossing the range was filled with danger, but she was fast, alert, strong. Her antlers were larger, she was more assured of herself. The smaller animals were no threat, but the hyenas were worrisome because of the packs they formed. If she tripped, they would attack.

She surveyed the surroundings and assessed that all was safe and off she sprinted as fast as she could, replaying in her head the reward that awaited her on the other side of the stream.

She could smell his heat, his scent wafted across the range, calling her. She had never met this one before but knew he was the one that would be her mate. His pheromones were so strong and reacted with her on a level never felt before. She tried so many times before, thinking that she’d found her mate only to discover the connection was wrong. Oh, she tried, and tried to make it work but in the end, she realized it was her fear of being alone and the desire to mate that made her jump in without second thought.

She knew there was something more, a divine blending of the sacred spirits within her and her future mate. She learned her lessons the hard way but now on this new journey, she listened to her animal spirit guides that knew her so well. Knew that she was strong warrior, filled with love and wisdom. She learned to listen to her instincts and not just her ears. She learned to sniff out danger and not just with her nose. She learned to see and not just with her eyes. She had the confidence now. She was strong, brave, assured that she would survive.

It was time to move, no more waiting. The spirits spoke and she listened. One more look around and off she sprinted, majestic in her movements she safely reached the stream. She paused, took a long drink of the sparking cool water and braced herself for the next step.

The smell of him was stronger, her heart began to race, excitement soared through her. She began crossing the stream, the cool water stroking her hooves and legs as she crossed to the other side..

He did not appear and she began wonder if she was wrong but quickly pushed aside those doubts. Head high, sure footed and glowing, she entered the forest, taking in all of the smells and noticing the other small creatures nearby. It was more beautiful than she remembered. She could feel his presence as his faint scent wafted in the air. She heard a rustling of the leaves and small crackling of twigs. There he stood, tall and mighty.

They looked at each other, he bowed his head and moved slowly towards her. She stood waiting, she would be patient this time. Their energies combined. A gentle breeze began circling them.

The forest and the spirits blessed their union.

Jan Erickson is a love warrior, a hippie, a weaver and energy therapist living in Cozumel.