Angels Among Us Jessy's Garden

Jessy's Garden is a memorial garden for Bonnie Sanderson's daughter Jessy, a beautiful soul who left this world too soon. The gardens are located 20 km East of Prince Albert. What started out as a flower bed with a creek and a waterfall in Jessy’s honor has become a community gathering place full of Love and peace. A place where none go hungry and the coffee is always on. There is a strong peaceful feeling that comes over you as you enter this little paradise and a feeling that more than vegetables grow here.

Mel and Bonnie Sanderson lost their youngest daughter Jessy on July 11th, 2008. She was only 21. Jessy was a beautiful, peaceful soul who found great joy in helping others. She organized food and coat drives for the homeless shelter and bought coffee and muffins for lost souls in Toronto, the city she called home. As a child she brought home many a rescued bird and animal and always had an ear for listening.

With her passing, Mel had began constructing a small memorial flower garden in the front yard of their home, complete with creek and waterfall. Over the years it has turned into much, much more.

In 2009, Bonnie and Mel began planting vegetables and giving them away to those in need. They now plant acres upon acres of pesticide free, organic vegetables. The vegetables are sold by the pound, but are still free for those who can’t afford to pay. The gardens have accumulated many volunteers over the years and the gardens themselves continue to grow through donations and fundraising and each year thousands of pounds of food is donated to those in need in memory of Jessy.

The gardens have grown into more than I ever imagined,” Bonnie explained, “I know that this Jessy’s doing, she is here and she looks after us and the gardens.”

But Bonnie is not the only one who feels a peaceful presence on the property. Children playing in the Cabbage patch have seen and played with someone. Others say they feel a strong presence or they hear singing and whispering in the trees. Jessy is home now, on the property she loved so very much, and she continues her good work along side her Mom and Mel, helping the gardens grow, planting peace, and giving back in the community.

“I was a lost and broken mother with more determination than I thought possible. Mel is my rock, working side by side to fulfil this need we both have. We so lovingly remember Jessy and her spirit with each and every row we plant, keeping her alive within us. We believe our commitment to the gardens will bless many more

The gardens are not just a place to come and pick up a few vegetables, it is a community gathering place where friends meet and the kids play. It's full of great conversation or a few moments of peace.

Stop in, purchase some fresh, organic food, you can feel good about, and say hi to Jessy and her Family. Donate a few bucks or a few hours of your time. Just being there makes the soul feel good.

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