By: Marie Aline

I like to give thoughtful gifts. They’re never expensive, but if I was a person with an unlimited budget, I would probably spend more. I mean, who wouldn’t?! When my daughter’s sixteenth birthday was approaching I thought long and hard about what to get her.

She’s not a social butterfly – and the thought of throwing a large “Sweet Sixteen” kind of made my stomach turn. I know people who have spent hundreds, one lady close to a thousand on an extravagant party with limousines and a fancy room rental with a custom cake and DJ. Over the top and unnecessary were my thoughts, but I threw no real judgments her way. Like I said, I don’t have an unlimited budget nor do I have a daughter who places value on those sorts of things, so to each their own.

I meditated on it. Yes, I meditated on what to get my daughter for her birthday! My mind likes to fill itself with chatter and overthink most things, so meditation helps to clear it and opens it up for ideas and answers. While sitting in silence, what came to me was where I was at sixteen; my friends, my interests, my struggles. I don’t need to get into my relationship with my own mother, but that being said, I think sometimes we do things for own children that we wish we could have had. I longed for deep connections, acceptance, and gentle wisdom.

My life hasn’t been easy, but then again, most people’s aren’t. We all have our own issues, struggles, and problems, and all we can do is use our internal tools to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt.

I came across a business on Facebook…a lady who makes Polymer Clay plates. They were sparkly and pretty and the more posts I saw, I realized she did a lot of customs. My daughter is a sentimental gal, and a little bit of a hoarder, loving nick-naks and ‘stuff’. Her favourite is organizing everything on the numerous spots in her room – shelves, dresser, make-up desk…There aren’t many empty spaces!

I messaged the lady and we started planning. First, the colour – next, what would I like stamped on it? Hmmmm this took a long time. The lady even made a plate, then we decided it wasn’t right…I’m a big believer in ‘knowing’ it’s the one!

Finally, I decided on the words “I am”. For her birthday, my daughter got a little jewelry dish with a poem I wrote (Probably the first poem I have written since grade school!) I found it so much easier to tell her the words I felt in writing than to say them face to face. After opening the gift and looking at the dish, she read the poem quickly then tucked it back into the bag. I’m not sure if she’s gone back over it again, but I would also hope so is that she comes across it just when it’s something she needs to hear.

I am.


For what comes after sets the tone;

“I am so busy” “I am OK” “I am tired.”

For too many

“I’m stressed” and “I’m broke” and “I’m angry”


“I am excited” or “I am in love!” or “I am blessed.”


Today we hear more “I am suffering from this,”


“I am rejoicing for that.”

You, speak to you with more passion and conviction

than to anyone else

Make it count.

You, believe you. Words shape your reality,

creating your life.

Be kind.


I am …

Fat, sad, late,

stupid and sick and tired.


I am…

Healthy, happy, responsible.

intelligent, talented, gorgeous.

empathetic, honest, and true to myself.

I am…

Grateful, loveable, loved.

Centered, grounded, relaxed.

At peace.

I am worthy.

Nothing anyone says is ever more important

than what you say to yourself.


Words from you, for you

And the most powerful you will ever say.

Own them.

Marie Aline isn't so much of a 'Jack of all Trades', but an Artist of all sorts! Since her teens she's been creative writing, sewing, and baking and has taken up numerous projects over the years, including everything from refinishing small furniture, refurbishing vintage lamps, and sewing handbags out of old ties. Marie was a photographer for ten years, owned a coffee roastery, and self-published her first novel, Billian The Borrower in the Fall of 2015. She's currently finishing up novel number two in her series “The Fireborn Chronicles”. Marie is also the owner of Harland Mae Jewelry. Loving gemstones for years, she was drawn to working and learning about crystals, jumping in with two feet, teaching herself to hand knot malas. Marie feeds her soul with a variety of different mediums and believes that in sharing her gifts with others, all of our lights will shine brighter.