to Creative Writing Bootcamp 2020

Let us gather in circle and create and explore.

Together we will call in the muse and embrace her guidance.

We will meditate and activate and sing and dance and chant until the words appear....

rolling off your tongue like sweet honey. 


Creative Writing Boot Camp is a Series of Live monthly workshops designed to get you putting pen to paper. 

1 Saturday each month we will gather together for a 90 minute online creative writing workshop. 

Each month a new theme to guide your creative process. 

At the End of each workshop you will have a complete 500 word story.

At the End of the Year, you will have 10 short stories that you can share!

Join me for a YEAR of STORY

We are the storytellers of our time and your story is important, it's calling from within to be seen and heard. 

​Stories create connection and evoke emotion. They live subconsciously and consciously within us. They allow us to paint pictures in the minds of our audience, to share experiences and dreams and knowledge.


Stories are a place where we can alchemize our hard to tell experiences into medicine for others while healing ourselves. 


Creative writing can help to unleash the muse that resides within you, feel more comfortable writing about the everyday, build language skills, and broaden your thought processes.

CREATIVE WRITING BOOTCAMP will guide you to recognize the everyday magic of your life, strengthen your story writing skills and boost your confidence.


Join us for One Saturday Morning each Month from 9-11 AM as we gather and create and explore.

Your Intuition knows what to write, so get out of your own way! -Ray Bradbury

The Stories you tell have the power to heal, destroy, or transform the world around you!!

Engage the storyteller within YOU

Explore storyteller Archetypes

Set your Creatrix Storyteller FREE

Choose One or ALL to create YOUR Year of STORY

Your Guide

Shannon Kelly is a highly intuitive advanced akashic records practitioner and storyteller. She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. She guides women to ditch their fears, guilt and shame, to share their stories and live life unapologetically inspired by joy and passion.

"Sharing our stories empowers us all to live a more inspired life, and by doing so, we create positive change within our communities."

"We can change the world, One story at a time.

Life is an ever evolving  story, it ebbs and flows with the tides. Good times., Bad times. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we dance but each moment is meant to be savored and even the darkness can be celebrated for with it always comes a little light or at least a lesson."

What Others are Saying: 

"Well, that was magnificent!! Thank you so much Shannon. Such a great way to start the weekend! I wasn't expecting the emotions but what's needed (and ready) often finds a way of surfacing, right! You helped me to unlock the magical door of my creative passion...so grateful." -Michele

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"I Loved the meditation and the simple way that you broke down the components of a story. You made writing that story easy in a very cut and dry, sacred way. I think for beginners or for those who don't have a lot of confidence in their capabilities- this is a perfect container."  -Heather

“Shannon you created a fun and inspirational workshop. I loved it.  I really enjoyed our time together, and appreciated how you got us to explore our own lives for our creative story.  I felt really comfortable with everyone on Saturday morning, and enjoyed the process for exploring your life for a personal story.  I was able to learn how to become a storyteller of my own sacred story.  This is something which was very helpful for me personally as well as being a way of sharing my own wisdom with others.  Thank you so much Shannon, I am looking forward to the next one." -Arlene

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