21 Days to Find Your Wild

Our wild can be a scary place but only because it is unfamiliar to us; full of  heathenism, rocks, rivers and false truths.

Conformity and silence have conditioned us since children and it is time to break free from our chains, explore our inner workings and discover a new truth. A new wilderness of knowing. 

21 days to Find Your Wild will reveal a map to your inner wild self, and you will forever be changed by this knowing. 

21 Days to Find Your Wild

will guide you.........

  • To appreciate the beauty that resides within you

  • To recognize the needs, wants and desires you hold in your heart

  • To understand the value of your story and the importance of sharing it.

  • To develop a daily writing practice to begin your healing journey

  • To begin to peel away the layers of dust on your soul and find your true inner wild

I understand now that I am not a mess but a deeply feeling person in a messy world. I explain that now, when someone asks me why I cry so often, I say,

                              "For the same reason, I laugh so often  because I'm paying attention."                                                                                                     -unknown

How will you get there? .......

  • This is a self guided journey that you can work through at your own pace

  • Each Morning for 21 days you will receive a journaling prompt decorated with inspiration delivered to your email box . Each prompt is designed to keep you moving toward a vision of a wild and free soul, to reveal your inner workings, wants and desires. 

  • You will have access to our private writers facebook group "Gypsy Writers." A supportive and sacred place where you are free to be seen and heard. A safe space to share your writing, and your thoughts. I will be present here for extra support and inspiration. 

  • I am available to you via email and facebook messenger if you have questions or comments. 

Are you ready to begin a journaling practise that promotes healing and growth? 

Are you ready to jump in and discover  new truths?

Are you ready to  listen to your soul and find a voice uniquely yours?

Are you ready to find and  Embrace your wild and free self?

It takes 21 days to build a habit, give yourself the gift of a journaling practice that will forever be your companion as you navigate through the ever changing landscape of your daily life.


21 Days 21 Prompts will guide you to connect you with your inner self, allow you to begin a healing at soul level and find your Howl.....

There are NO RULES on this journey

Take it at your own pace, when your schedule allows you to....After the kids go to bed, 

In the morning before work, at the bus stop, in the doctor's office, while your waiting to pick up the kids or on your lunch break....

This is a self guided online journey, but I'm always here if you need me. Just reach out via messenger or email shannon@thevintagegypsy.ca

Are You Ready to Find  your Wild?

Are you ready to  hear your  HOWL?

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